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We provide value-added solutions that integrate safety, reliability, sustainability, health, and environmental requirements.

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Tanks & Terminals
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Pump Stations & Pipelines
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Gas Pressure Storage
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Processing & Related Facilities
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Environmental Impact Assessment
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Onshore & offshore designs

We’re playing a leading role in helping our clients deliver complex and efficient projects as the oil and gas sector experiences accelerated change and new global trends emerge. 
Our consultancy services range from initial concept, front end, and detail design, to project management, procurement, and site supervision. For all kinds of projects, we can provide value-added solutions that integrate safety, reliability, sustainability, health, and environmental requirements. 

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With more than 20 years of experience at experience and counting

Our project execution services span FEED into engineering execution, detailed design as well as procurement, commissioning, and site support.

Ras Tanura Refinery, Aramco, KSA 
GCS worked with Aramco to specifically design and configure its refining system to optimize production using the crude oil it produces. 

Jubail Refinery, SABIC, KSA 
The primary objective of the project was to design underground utilities that will compliant with future specifications 

Al Yanbu Refinery, Aramco, KSA 
Designed to reduce supply chain costs and improve operational efficiency in its refining operations, and therefore, the supply of refined products to its downstream customers. 

Juaymah NGL Plant, Aramco, KSA 
New process units that provide flexibility for maximizing fuel production in the near term, while being able to transition to petrochemical production in the future. 


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Ras Tanura is the oldest refinery on the Persian Gulf coast. located near the industrial port city of Jubail in Saudi Arabia. It has a crude distillation capacity of 550,000 barrels per day (BPD). The refinery began operations in September 1945 with an initial production capacity of over 60,000bpd The scope of work under the project included carrying out front-end engineering design (FEED) services for the inside and outside battery limits and modifications to the refinery in line with environmental regulations. 

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