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We provide innovative utility locating and mapping, non-destructive digging, and survey services for the civil, design, environmental, geotechnical, utilities, infrastructure, and facilities management sectors.

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  • Depth of 10 meters

  • Any type of services (HV cables, LV cables, Fiber Optics, Drainage & Sewer Pipes, Water conduits, Gas Pipes, Live & Dead Cables...etc.)

  • All utility GIS attributes as depth, type, material, and status

  • Outputs: BIM, DWG, DGN, KML, and SHP formats

  • Accuracy ± 3 mm horizontally and ± 30 Vertically

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A wide range of UT mapping techniques are in GCS for various soil conditions or utility types:

Underground Utility Mapping Survey boosts your confidence in progressing with hazardous excavation works. We implement all the necessary safety tools and adhere to all the safety regulation standards to reduce any risk and thus ensure the best practice.

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  • Direct Method

  • Electrical Method

  • Electromagnetic Methods

  • Ground Penetrating Radar

  • Potential-Based Method

  • Pipe Tagging Methods

  • Multi sensory Technology

We have some of the most qualified and experienced infrastructure engineers on board who can take care of all your requirements with ease. We leverage the latest and best infrastructure tools and technologies while delivering top-notch services to clients.

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