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Pipe Inspection
      CCTV Camera

These instruments capture high-quality data-rich images and video with a host of intuitive features to boost productivity, protect assets and help ensure safety and quality. The CCTV camera is connected to a computer and it feeds real-time data and images back to the operator with information stored for referencing at a later date.

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Using the latest robotic mobile CCTV Pipes camera technology we can provide the client with information on inaccessible drainage runs; highlighting damaged runs, joint displacement, root intrusion, and also general conditions. Coupled with either a utility mapping or drainage survey, we aim to provide the best understanding of the services possible.


  • 100 - 2000 mm Pipes and various Ducts Sizes

  • 450 m distance chamber to chamber

  • HD Camera 1280 x 960 and live video frame speed 30 fps Onsite Reports

  • Laser Profile

  • 360 Camera Rotation, recorded video frame speed up to 10 fps Accurate Location Mapping

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