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CCTV Pipes Camera

Closed Circuit Television Video (CTTV) sewer inspection refers to the process of using a camera to see inside pipelines, sewer lines, or drains. CCTV cameras allow plumbers to see the root causes of sewer issues without needing to conduct more invasive methods like digging or removing walls or flooring to gain access to plumbing. These types of sewer inspections tend to be a more cost-effective way to pinpoint the location of sewer and pipe blockages.

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CCTV video cameras can help homeowners find the exact cause of sewer damage, including:

  • Root intrusion

  • Earthquake damage

  • Pipe cracking

  • Offset joint pipes

  • Corrosion

  • Deterioration over time

  • Poor installation or previous repair efforts

  • Accidental puncturing

  • Severe blockage

They Identify Problems Quickly.

You can ensure that a CCTV inspection will isolate the plumbing issue right away. This is because the cameras used for CCTV inspections can check the whole pipe, thereby reducing guesswork to allow plumbing professionals to identify root causes and issues. In one visit, you can get expert advice on a solution for your pipe and make a plan to fix faulty pipework.

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