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Value Management

We pride ourselves on offering a project management service tailored to help our clients make their choices, define their needs, and manage project delivery - we have become a trusted advisor. We have an excellent reputation for successfully delivering projects on time, within budget, and maintaining required quality standards. We ensure that our client’s corporate goals and business benefits are achieved through a controlled and well-managed set of activities that are visible to achieve the desired results.

  • Bidding and contracting

  • building coordination

  • Cost estimates

  • Renovations

  • Getting Started Strategies

  • Tailored Partnership Methods

  • Risk Management

  • Schedules of subcontractors and vendors

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Value management is a team-based approach used to define the client’s objectives and ensure the best value, whole-life solutions are selected to satisfy those objectives. It is not necessarily about cost cutting.

To achieve maximum benefit, value management should be carried out from the very early stages of a project, not simply introduced when problems occur. The process of value management includes value engineering, which is a more systematic approach to ensuring specific functions are satisfied to the required standard for the least cost. It assesses a range of possible solutions against the values required by the client.

Value management exercises can also be used to recover cost divergence (costs diverging from the budget) that may become apparent when design reports are prepared. Under these circumstances, the client may have to choose priorities or decide to increase the budget.

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