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Scheduling and Planning

As GCS, we are very much aware of the importance of providing our services with the latest and most modern innovations and technological tools that allow our clients to make an agile and proactive making decision, anticipating the problems that may arise during the life cycle of their infrastructure. We lead the planning, organization, and control of resources linked to engineering and construction projects, guaranteeing profitability, quality, and meeting deadlines.

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We typically find that there is much more emphasis on front-end pre-construction activities such as design, planning, and legal and understand how important it is to capture the chain of events on the program that leads up to and enables the start on site.

GCS Construction Management solution delivers Work Pack Management, Workforce Planning, reporting, and simulation capabilities. Combined, these enable projects to be delivered on time and on budget, maximizing the efficiency of craft labor and increasing project control.

Undertake a pre-construction program exercise, identifying client actions along with key design release milestones and procurement activities for major works packages
Phasing plans and sequencing plans are often produced as a means of graphically demonstrating the program sequence to a timescale, and can be client focused to demonstrate impact on access routes and areas of possession, etc...
3d Site Modeling and animation as an alternative to phasing plans, where you really want to bring the program to life Particularly informative, especially for ‘non-construction people.

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