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5. Project Management

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Project (Construction) Management High Rise Medical Center

Client: Private Owner
End customer: Medical Center
Project: Construction Management of 12-floor Center
Location: the UK – Bournemouth


  • Brief to GCS: To provide full engineering and Management services

  • Timing: Construction of the development began in 2012 and is scheduled for 2015.

  • Project background information: The Building Consist of 12 Floors and build up area of 10,000 Sq.m

  • Project objectives: To minimize the risk of the project going over budget or exceeding the project’s quality without affecting the building quality

  • Project requirements: Full Management Expertise

  • Services provided: Construction Supervision, Contract and Procurement, Time Management, Schedule, Quality Control, Cost Control, and Value Management

  • Project Value: 3,000,000 GBP

  • No Of Staff Assigned: 23

  • Purpose: To provide a high-quality, sustainable Green Building to be used for medical purposes

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