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2. Infrastructure Development 

GCS-2.4-Utility Mapping- Al Ansab Highway 2 copy.jpg

Utility Mapping:

Al Ansab Highway

Location: Ansab Road

Area: 17km

Client: Muscat Municipality

Utilities Detected:

  • Electrical 11,000 VA of 3CX240 cable

  • Electrical 5,000 VA of 3CX185 mm cable

  • Fiber Optic Communication line of 1 Inch cable

  • Water HDPE pipe of 110mm

  • Water HDPE pipe of 180mm Water HDPE pipe of 225 mm

  • DN 300 mm DI pipe

  • DN 400 mm DI pipe

  • Gas Pipeline

  • Telecom OT lines 1 inch

GCS-2.4-Utility Mapping- Al Ansab Highway 1 copy.jpg
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