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2. Infrastructure Development 

GCS-2.2-Utility Mapping- Hydraulic Study for Muscat  copy.jpg

Utility Mapping:

Hydraulic Study for Muscat

Client: Muscat Municipality
Location: Muscat – Darsait
Area: 5 Km

Al Makhtoom Airport

When conventional engineering cannot solve complex challenges, GCS’s engineers, hydrologists, geologists, and computer modelers will collaborate to devise a multi-disciplinary approach that works for your project and meets your goals. Our expertise includes hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, permitting, sedimentation and scour analysis, stormwater quantity and quality issues, and the design of hydraulic structures ranging from pipes, culverts, canals, detention basins, and outlet structures to major water control and pump structures. Furthermore, our experience with local and national regulations means we can streamline the approval process to successful completion.

GCS-2.2-Utility Mapping- Hydraulic Study for Muscat 2 copy.jpg
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